Month: February 2020

International Affairs

As India Violence Gets Worse, Police Are Accused of Abusing Muslims (NY Times)

As demonstrations over a citizenship law sweep India, more accounts are emerging of mistreatment and harsh tactics by police and…

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E-commerce startup Hollar reportedly to end operations

Hollar, a startup that aimed to help consumers find dollar store-style deals, is reportedly in negotiations to be bought by…

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To AI, or not to AI, that is the question

Entrepreneurs who are developing their artificial intelligence strategy can leverage uncertainty about the technology's evolution when considering potential applications, writes…

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Human Resource

Tailor coaching for peak effectiveness

Coaching works best when it is personalized, and when coaches listen carefully to those they are leading, writes communication skills…

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Gig Economy

Commentary: What the gig economy means for small businesses

Considering the recent rise of the gig economy, there are potential drawbacks small-business owners need to consider, writes Tom Popomaronis…

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Digital Marketing

Playing to win with influencer marketing

Focus on building long-term collaborative relationships with influencers for the best business-building results, writes Neal Schaffer. Also, remember to include…

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Customer Service

Empower employees to provide great customer service

Companies such as Zappos and Nordstrom set the bar high for customer service by empowering and training employees and creating…

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Digital Marketing

Infographic: Email response time fosters trust

Email is still a viable means of reaching consumers of all ages, and email responsiveness is tied to consumers' expectations…

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Individual against Environment – Importance of Setting: in Jane Eyre Essay

We are always happy to help and proud of our top-rated team. So now you may choose the most beneficial…

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Business Services

E-commerce startup Brandless closes

Brandless, an e-commerce startup that sold a variety of consumer products it said were cruelty-free, has shut down. In 2019,…

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Banking and Financial

Mature startups embrace convertible notes

Once the province of early-stage startups, convertible notes -- debt instruments that convert to equity under certain specified conditions --…

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Opinion: Do tech startups need a new business model?

Tech startups have been making headlines for bad behavior, possibly because they operate in extremely competitive industries, have low margins…

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Go, Scala among most in-demand programming languages

Software developers who know Go, Scala, Ruby and TypeScript are the most likely to get asked for job interviews, although…

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Digital Marketing

Infographic: How to maximize Facebook engagement

This infographic from Red Website Design highlights eight ways brands can boost Facebook engagement, including livestreaming, posting native videos, exclusive…

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Current Affairs

Does Pakatan Harapan really care? (FMT Report)

Once and for all the Rakyat must wake up and be critical about the office bearers they helped put in…

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