Month: October 2020

Science and Technology

Black hole study bolsters Einstein’s theory

The researchers who created the first image of a black hole have re-analyzed it in order to further test the…

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Advanced Technology

Commentary: Why MaaS is the future of transportation

The world of transportation supply and demand has changed dramatically in recent years, and mobility-as-a-service platforms are the best way…

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Alphabet takes on sustainable farming challenge

Google parent company Alphabet's X lab has unveiled a project dubbed Mineral that's designed to tackle issues surrounding sustainable food…

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Advanced Technology

Israeli city tests road that can charge electric buses

Tel Aviv is testing a 600-meter electrified road that can charge electric buses as they travel, developed in partnership with…

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Smart City

Drones and the future of city traffic management

Unmanned aerial vehicles -- commonly referred to as drones -- will have many roles in cities in coming years, including…

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Study: Blue light glasses improved sleep and work

Researchers found that giving employees blue light glasses and asking them to wear them for two hours before going to…

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Digital Marketing

The right way to start selling online

Before starting an online operation there are a few key things to consider, writes Allison Barr Allen, co-founder of Fast.…

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International Affairs

French far-right leader Le Pen calls for closure of mosques by declaring a war against Islamism

"Islamist ideology should be seen as the enemy of France ," Marine Le Pen -- the head of far-right National Front party -- said in her…

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Darurat, Mudarat dan Food Panda

Kalau boleh pakat-pakat membawa berkat, teruskan, kalau tak boleh, lawan dekat dewan, yang penting janganlah timpa kan tangga dekat kami…

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Startups aim to find solutions to aging in place

Startups and venture capitalists see opportunities in the growing sector of aging at home, with focus on Medicare Advantage, in-home…

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Social Issues

“KECAM MELAYU?” atau “Malay Bashing?”

Pernah dengar ada orang kata "Melayu malas", "Melayu miskin", "Melayu tak pandai berniaga", "Melayu jahat", "Melayu kaki tipu" dan berbagai…

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Scale faster by outsourcing these tasks

Small-business owners can support their growth by choosing a select few tasks to outsource from the beginning, writes Tom Popomaronis,…

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Human Resource

Why upskilling is becoming more important

The need for teaching existing employees new skills is growing as technology improves, write Boston Consulting Group's Arindam Bhattacharya, Nikolaus…

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Covid 19 is a Virus that is Educated, a very Smart n Clever Virus

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Food and Beverage

Let’s put food under the microscope

A microscopic view of salts, spices and sugars shows how their geometry and size can affect the taste and preparation…

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