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5+ Customer Retention Tips From Experts for Small Business

Strategies to keep your customers coming back.

Ali Hasnain / 08 Aug 2022

Marketing can be challenging and expensive for small size companies. Small Businesses spend a lot of time identifying their customers and making strategies to retain them. But where marketing and attaining new customers is complex and costly, keeping the existing customer is cheaper but not that easy.

Many companies lose customers yearly, and the company’s size doesn’t matter. Large or small, company’s lose customers. A company’s average loss is twenty percent, which can quadruple in a particular sector. As a result, small companies now develop strategies to hold their customers within their financial budget limit.

Keeping your customers is essential and more important than attracting new customers. There are several IT companies helping businesses to improve their digital tactics to retain customers. These IT companies work to provide solutions to your needs.

Entrepreneurs and Startups can use a list of tips to help your company. I recommend ABTACH, to retain customers, especially if you have a small business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is considered the best way to attract new customers. But digital can also help retain existing customers too. Design your campaigns to target the customers and indirectly show them how your product or service is essential to them.

You can go to many companies to avail yourself of digital marketing services. However, you will want a professional who knows how to plan marketing strategies to help the business retain customers. It is critical to keep the changes in trends in mind, but they will do it for you.

Your retention strategy is the most powerful strategy you will want to deploy. People spend most of their time surfing digital media, so it can become easy for you to remind them about your brand through all social channels.

Introduce Mobile Apps

Introducing a mobile app is a new way to keep the customers to yourself. Of course, you can develop the mobile app according to your business and ask the customers to download it. But you will want to be accessible to your clients and customers in numerous ways.

A mobile app always allows customers to have your product in their pocket. There are numerous app development businesses. They have innovative solutions and the excellent skills required to build the app.

App development companies can create an app for you that will add value to your business. You can add extra and innovative features that you think will benefit the customers. Try to use the features not available for any other brand’s app before your app.

Take Complains Seriously

Customers are demanding sometimes or all of the time. Take client and customer complaints seriously. They can make severe and silliest complaints, but it is essential for customers that they can speak their truth about your business. Customers often judge a business on how they handle customer complaints.

This can be your first retention strategy. Next, look for ways to respond to your customers in a better way. Finally, you can go for software to analyze the complaints data to determine if many customers face the same problems.

Try to guide them about how to solve their problem and ask for cooperation politely — and try to give several solutions if possible. This will help you in building trust, and also, by this, you can retain them.

Social media pages are one of the sources where a customer can go to complain. Allow this process and have someone with fineness to handle these complaints and find good solutions. If you think you don’t know or understand social media tactics, you can look for a company that can do this for you.

I work for ABTACH and know they can handle these issues for you. They are good when it comes to social media management.

The After-Sales Will Work

After-Sales is a great retention strategy to get more from each customer and keep the vital relationship between the business and them. It means, “After the sale, we will still take care of you!”

For example, if you have a business of tiles, the customer comes and buys tiles from you. Often companies believe that this is the end of the transaction. But this is only the beginning. You want to ensure that the customer returns to you for their subsequent tile expenditure. These customers can become lifelong purchasers by providing aftercare services, guarantees, or maintenance plan information.

Guarantees and maintenance services become your opportunity to keep the customer attached to you. When they need something like maintenance and renovation, they will come to you rather than choose another option. Keep detailed notes so you know something personal about your clients and your service.

Marketing and advertising are reminders for the customers about your product or service. But these free services and aftersales will eventually lead them to you again. So find a company to help market your product or services on different platforms.

And as a small business, it must be hard for you to go for television or billboard advertising because they are costly. So, providing these services can help a lot.

The Loyalty programs

It is the new and trendiest way to keep the customers. Of course, the big stores and retailers use this method, but it is not limited to them. Small businesses can also offer loyalty programs to their customers.

In loyalty programs, businesses offer some rewards for customer purchases. And when they start getting rewards on their investment, they will return to get what they want, plus a gift or rewards.

It doesn’t only give you loyalty from the customers but also helps you to identify the shopping habits of customers. It can provide enormous insight into the customer’s choices, like what product of yours they like the most and how many times they buy the product from you.

Suppose you have an online business as well as a physical too. Then, you can go for both physical and online loyalty cards. Otherwise, you can create an app to use customers’ loyalty rewards.

Something like scanning can also work there. Find a professional team who will help you develop the app effortlessly.

Around 64% of people shop from the same brands and credit cards to maximize their rewards points.

Other Effective Tips to Retain Customers

Customers’ Value Is Important

All of your clients have a lifetime value. Their customers are a valuable asset for companies, especially when they are small. Small business has to gain new customers without losing existing ones.

For example, if customers buy your product because it is less costly than other brands, they may come to you again. Here, the prices may vary with time, but you can retain the customers by not compromising quality and quantity.

Some companies lessen the quality and quantity, disheartening the customers, and making them switch to other brands. You don’t have to do that.

When you value the customers, that will keep them coming back to you. You can introduce loyalty cards, memberships, or programs to help them avail discounts on your products. Customers are more likely to purchase when there are discounts and deals on a product.

Offers And Discount

The customers love deals, discounts, offers, and sales. They are willing to buy when they see the cut-off prices on their favorite product. You can go for BOGO deals or offer a certain percentage off purchasing any specific amount. You can also provide flat discounts like 20 or 30 percent off.

This way, you can retain the customers. If the customers like the product or services you provide, they will love to enjoy the offers and discounts you are providing. Who doesn’t want to buy their favorite item at low prices?

It can be a win-win situation for you and your customers. They will get high-quality items at a low price, and you can get them back to you.


Treating your customer to hold them for a long time has multiple ways. First, you have to make sure to use the strategies wisely. The tips above will help maintain the customers and keep them returning to you repeatedly.

Ensure that the services that can eventually help you in your mission of retaining customers with the several digital solutions that they provide. There is nothing more critical for the business than keeping the customers. Besides the above strategies, you can measure and track the customers’ behavior, train your employees, use email marketing, introduce puzzles, and much more.

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