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Another woman fell prey to MACAU SCAM!

STAR report on page 12 (NATION) Wednesday 12 September 2018  is referred.

Retired teacher lost RM317,500 to Macau scammers

SCAMMERS Modus Operandi has always been the potential victim with life-threatening story-line..ask them to deposit a certain amount of money into their bank account or else something terrible would happen to them..shortly after receiving the money they would disappear..kiss your money goodbye.

But why this incident still happens despite numerous awareness campaigns launched by the authorities and NGOs?

These criminals must have a database of potential profiling on them and let the Law of Large Numbers Public out there please be careful with what you share/post on your social media accounts. These criminals are lurking in search of their unsuspecting victims. YOU could be it!

Their bank accounts would be closed as soon as the money from the victim is withdrawn. The bank account would be opened under an assumed name with fake or cloned ID (a matter for Police to investigate). It will take time for the Police to investigate. These criminals are very smart and sophisticated to avoid being caught.

Even after they are caught the victims would be left with a traumatic experience for the rest of their life. Though the news of any of these scammers being caught is unheard of.

So..if you receive any phone calls with dubious storyline please hang-up and call your next of kin or friends immediately for second opinions. Better still contact your nearest police stations for advice. Remember, no one can demand anything from you from a phone call. Stop being gullible and we must know and exercise our RIGHTS.

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