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I can’t believe ASTRO has been in operation for the last 21 years or so. Bravo..

Astro has been profitable year in and year out..in millions of RM mind you!

Let me ask you this..in all those years what has Astro done to maintain their rapport with us, the CUSTOMERS? They provide satellite broadcasting services with multiple channels and multiple content/programmings..fair enough. Beyond that..what have they done? Please share with us if you have some wonderful stories/experience with Astro.

Mr ASTRO, we are a bunch of subdued customers and we are ok with your service, though we hope that you can compensate us with something more meaningful due to the following issues:

  • your constant signal interruptions during rainy season
  • your lack of flexibility to mix and match the programs or channels that we like and charge us accordingly
  • it’s ok for you to collect advertisement revenues in millions in addition to the subscription fees you’re collecting from us on monthly basis

But for heaven sake could you please remove the ads during the shows. It’s ok to insert ads during programs..that’s how you make your money..we got that. But constant commercial interruptions during the shows are anti-climax and major nuisance to say the least! With all the money that you have made over the years i’m sure this simple request can bring a lot more mileage to Astro albeit with the onslaught of OTT.

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