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Beware of another SCAMMER tactic

New tactic to scam the unsuspecting public


Last Saturday (13th Aug, 1020am) I received a phone call from a person (Kamal Hj Afandi, staff no 151820) representing Ibu Pejabat Pos Laju KL, saying that a parcel (ref EH279762823MY) supposedly sent by me was stuck in Ipoh. Reason being that the parcel contained 4 ATM cards + 1 IC (mine). It was sent on 1st Aug 2022, from Puchong to Ipoh.

The parcel was confiscated by PosLaju and reverted to Polis Perak (Ipoh). I was then directly connected to Polis Perak by PosLaju (Alert!). The person at the other end identified himself as Sargeant Hayat (RF158668). The number listed on my phone was indeed from Polis Perak (Ipoh).

I was informed that my conduct of sending false ATMs was illegal and I was suspected as part of a money laundering circle. I was also informed that a large amount of money was transacted through my Current Account (Maybank), of which I don’t have. The balance in the said account was RM1.4 million (Wow).

Of course I told the “police officer” that I don’t have such an account and neither do I have such amount of money. The conversation dragged on for quite some time, where I was informed of the severity of the crime and the expected punishments.

I realised much earlier that it was a scam but I played along as I was curious about the End Game. After much hassling, and I was bored by that time, this was what I said…

“… Look here, if I have committed the crime, and you’re a real policeman, this is what you should do… CATCH ME IF YOU CAN…”. I ended the conversation then…

1.There is no way any agency or person can direct your call to a police station
2.If it’s already known to the police, they will instruct or issue a warrant for you to record your statement at the police station
3.Investigation of crimes are not conducted via phone calls

Lastly, please be careful out there…

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