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Can we expect the current PH Government to steer Malaysia through this challenging time? Here’s a political satirist point of view

From around the social network..Very Interesting Story that makes sense in today’s New Malaysia political scenario….

In a Neighbourhood a Drain was Getting Choked so a Sweeper was Called to Clean the Drain.

Public asked Sweeper How Much Time will he Take to Clean the Drain.

Sweeper said 5 hours. Public agreed and asked the Sweeper to do it.

Sweeper Went Inside Drain Duct & Started Cleaning. When 5 hours were about to complete, public from outside the drain asked, is it about to complete?_

_Sweeper said, No. I have Not Even been able to do Half as Yet.

_So the Argument Started between public and sweeper.

Sweeper then Asked Public Since when this Drain was not Cleaned ?_

60 years & No Idea when it was Last Cleaned.

Sweeper then Told Public – You allowed the Drain To Get Choked for 60 Years & Did Not Bother to Clean & now when I am Cleaning it You are Telling me WHY I am Slower than What I Promised to do. I came to Know How Much Muck is there in drain only AFTER I Came Inside the Drain. It is More than What I Anticipated when I was Outside

So What you want now? Sweeper to Continue Cleaning the Drain or come out & let drain get Choked AGAIN by Same People Who Clogged It In The past.

You Can Blame the Sweeper to be SLOW (Compared to What?), You can blame sweeper for Poor Anticipation of Muck Inside But Can you Blame him for Muck that has Deposited Over Decades or for Not Doing his Job?

_Worst Will be if You ask the Sweeper to Come Out & then LET THE DRAIN GET CHOKED AGAIN.

MESSAGE IS LOUD N CLEAR…..Do you get the message bro?

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