Don’t be replaced by a robot: Prepare yourself for the future of work

“A NATURAL leader”, “compassionate”, “critical thinker”, “entrepreneurial”, “responsible”, “has confidence in themselves and pride in their country”.

Who wouldn’t want to be described in such a way? Who wouldn’t want their children or students to exemplify these values?

From Sydney to Shah Alam to Shenzhen —no matter where you are from, we all aspire to develop the right balance between knowledge and skills, ethics and morality. We all strive to give our families the best possible quality of life and the benefits of our most difficult experiences.

In higher education, these values are known as soft skills. They take years to develop and are difficult to measure, yet they are the foundation to a civilised society and a requirement for a knowledge-based economy.

This is especially so as automation and robotics transform the world. These soft skills are becoming the main differentiator — not just between graduates — but between people and computers.

So, how do we safeguard ourselves from being replaced by robots?



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