Dr Mahathir: Manifesto not a “Bible”

Listen up all novice ministers.

Take note of Tun’s statement this morning:-

“Please remember that the Manifesto is not a Bible. It is a guidance. Sometimes we can do things, sometimes we find that we cannot. So we need to be practical-minded.”

That’s the PM . . . your Big Boss . . . talking.

Menteri Maszlee Malik ada faham ka?

A Manifesto is NOT a holy decree from some deity. It is just a general Wish List churned by political parties in every election cycle. And a great majority of those wishes are ignored or forgotten and consigned to the scrapheap of political rhetoric . . . more so two incoherent little paragraphs on page 135 of a 200+ page Buku Harapan that 99% of PH voters didn’t know, didn’t read and didn’t care as their focus was on toppling the Kepit Klepet Gang.

Go browse past election Manifestos of ALL political parties. Go back 20-30 years. The PAS lebais gleefully break their Manifestos all the time every time . . . same with BN . . . and PKR . . . and DAP . . . and every Parti Chap Ayam that ever existed on this earth.

So Menteri Maszlee Malik, snap out of this raw novice mode. Malu lah. Don’t make a fool of yourself and take two incoherent little paragraphs on page 135 of a 200+ page Manifesto so seriously and make promises you cannot keep . . . and risk a Malay Revolt and unnecessarily unsettle our country’s already precarious social equilibrium.

Listen to Tun.

And say out loud “a Manifesto is not the Bible!” each time you come across Timbalan Menteri Teo Nie Ching and the delusional stuck-in-wrong-country Dong Zong Donkey Kong fruitcakes.

– KijangMas Perkasa –

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