1) What is kritik.com.my?
In a nutshell, kritik.com.my is an online social engagement platform developed specifically for people like you in mind. In particular, it serves as an alternative mouth-piece for Consumers to share their experience and engage in public discourse about certain services and service providers, disclosing what is gratifying or exposing what is lacking in the products or services they have consumed. We envision this platform to be a Virtual Pressure Group with enough thrust to reach out to the stakeholders.
2) How does it work?
To participate in the social engagement, first you need to register. Follow the simple instruction and you are good to go. Then you can add posts or provide comments to existing posts.
3) Do I need anything special to use it?
All you need to use kritik.com.my is an internet connection or a mobile phone with wireless broadband.
4) Do I need web programming knowledge in order to use kritik.com.my?
No. kritik.com.my’s responsive point-and-click information sharing website is streamlined so that anyone can use it to comment or voice out opinions about current issues and services, even if they have no web programming experience.
5) Do I need to create an online account to use kritik.com.my services?
Yes. kritik.com.my requires you to have a username & password in order to use its services.
6) How do I find a topic, issues, services, person or group?
After you create an account, you can search for topic like issues, services, companies, people or groups to comment and share opinions on by using the search option. Simply click the search bar and type down the topic, issue, or service.
7) Who reads my updates?
Website users, administrators and your followers read your comments and updates. If your comments and updates are public, anyone who runs a search for a keyword in your comments may be able to see that message. Your comments and updates are public by default.
8) How can I send updates to kritik.com.my?
Read our article about how to post a comment. You can comment from kritik.com.my website, a mobile device, or a tablet.
9) What is a reply?
A reply is a response to another person’s comment. Click or tap the reply icon on another person’s comment to reply to it.
10) Can I edit a Message once I’ve posted it?
Yes, you can edit a Message once you have posted it, just click the edit button.
11) Why can’t I see all my Messages? Are they lost?
We store all your comments and messages. Navigate to your profile to view up to 3,000 of your most recent messages in your profile timeline. To view more, you can download your kritik.com.my Archive and browse a snapshot of your username information, starting with your first comment.
12) Why are accounts suspended?
Accounts are suspended for Terms of Use violations or pending spam investigation. Read more about this here. <Click Here>
13) Where can I find out more information about kritik.com.my’s Terms of Use?
You can read kritik.com.my’s Terms of Use and the other Rules by scrolling down to the Footer session of the website.
14) How do I submit a complaint about copyrights, impersonation, trademark, or other Terms of Service issues?
Review our Terms of Use section to find out what constitutes a violation, and how to go about fixing a related problem



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