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Germany responds to Trump: Huawei has no back door, but Cisco has 10

Today, the Daily Mirror in Berlin, Germany, published an important article titled “Europeans should not blindly follow Trump”. At a special moment, they criticized the Trump administration for its misconduct.

This article reveals a very important fact that no backdoors were found in Huawei’s products, and 10 vulnerabilities were discovered on Cisco products in the United States.

When the news came out, the fact that many people doubted was true. Trump is suppressing Huawei not only to prevent Huawei from growing, but more importantly, to better use American equipment to monitor other countries.

Even Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s phone was intercepted by the United States, and Germany was deeply hurt. Since Germany learned that Prime Minister Merkel’s phone was intercepted by the United States, Germany’s trust in the United States has fallen sharply.

Since the explosion of the Prism Door scandal, the scandal of the United States to monitor the world has been known around the world, but the United States has still not improved. When entering the 5G era, Trump found that American companies could not provide true 5G products.

China’s Huawei is the most powerful product supplier and service provider in the 5G era. If the world uses Huawei products, then the United States cannot monitor the people of other countries.

This article from Germany is very interesting. There are several points in the following. It is worth reading and thinking.

1. Europe did not blindly follow Trump.

The Trump administration blocked Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE from outside the United States, but the European countries did not follow blindly, but were very rational.

European political circles in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have followed good advice and provided a level playing field, but they are relatively cautious.

2. Huawei’s products have no back door, but the US Cisco products have found 10 vulnerabilities.

The British government, the German Information Security Agency, and the European Commission have been investigating Huawei’s products for several years, but they have not found backdoors in Huawei’s equipment. So far, no security problems have been discovered.

During the investigation of Cisco products in the United States, security vulnerabilities were frequently discovered. From 2013 to the present, 10 vulnerabilities have been discovered.

Instead of worrying about Huawei’s product security, it is better to speak out about Cisco products in the United States and ask Cisco products to improve their security.

3. Europe should establish its own reliable safety standards and treat them equally.

Countries in Europe should establish their own reliable safety standards for every IT product, and Germany does do so, as does France.

All kinds of IT products are tested according to their own national security standards. They are the same security standards, whether they are Huawei products or American products.

German government official Hohmann also stressed that no matter which company, the same security rules apply, especially in the 5G technical standards, it should be so, can carry out a wide range of professional, expert discussions, but should not become a political tool of abuse.

It can be seen from this that Germany is very rational, has no blind obedience, but rationally proposes solutions and treats them equally. This is tantamount to good news for Huawei.

Moreover, the German government has also revealed the fact that there are a large number of security vulnerabilities in Cisco’s communications products, and these vulnerabilities are likely to be intentional.

This also shows that the Trump administration has a ulterior motive for the blockade of Huawei. It is clear that it is a secret to prevent the world from using Huawei products so that the United States can continue to monitor the world.



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