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Get A Job You Unemployed Slackers!

Unemployment among graduates needs to be sorted out fast



See this article!  The federal government has announced that more than 54,000 graduates in Malaysia are unemployed six months after completing their studies last year. Can it get any worse than this? Of course! Every year new graduates join the long list of unemployed.


Over 54,000 grads jobless 6 months after completing studies



According to Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh, the Unemployed graduates are from public universities as well as private institutions and colleges. Whose fault is it?  On one hand, we have parents who insist that their children pursue professional courses like Medicine and Law.  The government is unable to absorb the large number of medical graduates as there are too few teaching hospitals and consultants to provide the necessary training.  It is obvious that there is a disparity between supply and demand.

Gerakan Deputy Speaker Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff opined that “Our human capital, especially our graduates, must not only be of quality and competent, their skills must also suit the demands of employers to be employable”. Hello! Just look at the number of medical graduates waiting to get internship. Parents need to encourage their children to take up programmes or skills to match the demands of a fast changing global era.

It is time for Malaysians to be more pragmatic and more down-to-earth.  It is imperative that they learn, acquire and develop new skills that cater to the demand of new technologies. Perhaps unemployed graduates should consider going back to school to pick up a skill. This calls for a revolutionary mentality. The question is “How many are willing to do that”. It is time to get our hands dirty.  Malaysians are hardwired to the shallow and superficial belief that they must pursue high-paid jobs that boost their image and that of their family.  Hence, the large number of medical and legal graduates flooding the system.


The Ministry of Education is equally at fault.  Isn’t it time we review our tertiary education programmes to ensure that the new cohort of graduates are employable? Bear in mind that a majority of them need to service their PTPTN loan.  Everyone needs to accept and embrace changes and demands in the employment market for every year the number of unemployable graduates keeps increasing. Come on guys! Think outside the box!



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Over 54,000 grads jobless 6 months after completing studies

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