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Hello ASTRO Users

I just parked my butt in my comfortable couch getting ready for my favorite shows on the tube when suddenly the cloud turned black followed by a heavy downpour. The screen in front without hesitation display “SERVICE INTERRUPTION/SERVIS TERGENDALA”. I have to switch to Netflix for alternative programs, but what I really want to watch (at this moment) is something on Astro which is not available on Netflix.

That makes me think..I’m paying close to RM150 a month to Astro for the past ten years or so, but never have they offered me rebates on service downtime, especially, on rainy days! Is this fair I ask? Of course they will come back to you with the “Best Effort” fine print if you complain. This is their way of protecting themselves from litigation.

There is only one reason why I am still with Astro..Sports Channels. We hardly watch other programs. Otherwise, I would have cancelled my account long time ago. Funny thing is when I contacted them asking specifically for Sports Channel Package, the Customer Service Rep kept telling me about their existing packages which I have no interest in hearing at all. I had to stop her several times and repeated my question. No, they don’t have Sports only Package. How I wish they had one. I may be wrong. Please share if you know of any alternative Sports Programs. EPL has just started..don’t want to miss those games.

On the other hand, with the entry of other OTT players like HyppTV, iflix, Netflix, and the likes it will be just a matter of time before my wish comes true. The big guys like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple have also launched their own video content platforms with reasonable monthly subscription. For example, Netflix is charging RM51 per month for their Premium package which offers over 100,000 streaming video contents. Unfortunately, they don’t have specific sports programs yet.

So, Astro, are you going to do something about it? Don’t you think it’s time for you to start listening to your subscribers. With billions of revenue generated annually, the least you could do is to offer us rebates and introduce variety product bundling including sports only package (more than what you have now).

Mr Astro, FYI, I have been hearing from you several times in the past, i.e., when I’m late with my bill payment! This is where you guys are very efficient at. In the end I have to pay because I have no other choice…for now.

Hope to hear something positive from you soon, Mr Astro.

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