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How soon they forget! Title matters..

The in-fighting among party members on both sides (the ruling party and the opposition) to contest in GE14 is pathetic and sickening. They are fighting for party posts for obvious reason..personal glorification and wealth enhancement. It’s not a job’s an adventure or journey towards self-enrichment and along comes the entitlements.

Some of them will be chauffeured-driven with police escort. You and I must give way..and to salute them if they can have their way. That kinda make you think..shouldn’t they serve the people first and prove their worth before accorded with all these accessories.

Every official function must follow specific protocols..who sits where..standing ovation..proper titles must be mentioned in speeches (this could take several minutes, I mind you), etc..etc..

Everywhere they go people salute them with warm greetings and special offerings. What else can you ask for..they are on cloud nine.

Everything from the way they dress, where they live, the way they talk, the car they drive, where they wine & dine, their lifestyle – transformed. The men and women I used to no more. To see them you have to make an appointment. The thing about social status is once you get the taste of’ll be extremely difficult to live without it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re politicians, celebrities, businessmen, or anybody else for that matter. Maybe that’s why some of them try to cling on to their positions till the end!

The challenge has always been how to control your inflated ego..not an easy task especially after being in that state for  awhile. Such is the state of matter and nothing seems to want to change in the foreseeable the race is ON no matter whose toes they step on or whose shoulders they sit on..the end justifies the means.

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