Is corruption a way of Malaysian life?

1MDB scandals have been a sharp thorn in Malaysian history of SUPER CORRUPTION.

by Joe Getz

Almost ten years have gone. 1MDB scandals have been a sharp thorn in Malaysian history of SUPER CORRUPTION. The main actors – Jho Low, Najib Razak, Rosmah, Riza, and a score of other supporting actors are still roaming the earth freely. Whilst the court cases are still ongoing these actors are no
where near wearing that orange outfit any day soon.

In the meantime, the Country is left with a hefty debt to pay while their supporters are celebrating jubilantly their shameless and immoral leaders. FYI, as of Dec 31, 2021, 1MDB’s outstanding debt, comprising principal and coupons/profit for bonds and sukuk, amounted to RM38. 81 billion,”
said Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz in a media statement. 13 Jan 2022https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/1mdb-says-it-still-has-rm323b-outstanding-debt

For those of us who are concern about the rampant CORRUPTION cases, there seems to be no end to this PLAGUE. The elected officials, those holding high positions in Government, GLCs and GLICs, are having a field day spending our money without an objective mechanism of check and balance. Once we thought
after the change of Government, i.e., GE14, things would change for a better. But that was short-lived. Due to internal power struggle, followed by a series of un-popular decision-makings, and never-ending bickering amongst them, they fumbled and the rest is history.

The DNA of the politicians seems to be the same from both divides. Now we are back to square one. Who can we trust? Both the old and new don’t seem to champion any of the major issues facing the people – economics, healthcare, social, education, housing, unemployment, etc. The cost of living has gone up through the roof. We can’t complain too much. You talk too much someone will come knocking on your door to keep your mouth shut. You try to act funny like going on a strike or “demonstrasi” – you have to be prepared to be sprayed upon by friendly guys in uniform or worst still – going to jail! The scare tactic works every time.

One thing we can do is keep our eyes and ears open. Keep an open mind. Be critical and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Read a lot. Gather your facts and form an opinion based on them. If you have access to your ADUNs and/or MPs, use them to express your concerns. If that falls on deaf ears, then use other channels like NGOs, civil rights activists, etc. Collectively, the people should form a formidable force to ensure the power-that-be that they understand our grievances. Every move they make is accountable and they are answerable to the people. This may sound far-fetched but we have to start somewhere. If we don’t, we can only make noises in social media like fools, while the elitist group keep plundering the nation’s wealth. In the end, who is paying the price?

Another deep-rooted problem plaguing our country is CRONYISM – cronyism plagues countries in which rent-seeking entrepreneurs use their relationship with the state. We leave for another day to talk about this topic. But we would like to leave you with the following infographic for your reference. Just ask yourselves – Are you happy to be f*$&%%k by these turds?

Crony-capitalism index by The Economist measured by billionaire wealth as % of GDP. Malaysia ranked #2 behind Russia. Surprisingly, Singapore is #3.

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