<KEMPEN KIBARKAN BENDERA PUTIH> (untuk mereka yang memerlukan)

99speedmart menyahut baik kempen ini, jika anda nampak bendera putih ini digantung di mana-mana rumah atau di kawasan jiran tetangga anda sendiri, sila salurkan maklumat seperti berikut melalui WhatsApp 010-500 0099 atau pun Facebook 99speedmart (Private Message (PM) sahaja)

1. Alamat Tempat Tinggal
2. Gambar Rumah (Gantung Bendera Putih)

•Kempen bermula 1 Julai 2021 sehingga 14 Julai 2021.
•1000 pek sehari.
•Jangkamasa penghantaran 24 jam.
•Kediaman yang berhampiran dengan cawangan 99speedmart sahaja.

<“BENDERA PUTIH” CAMPAIGN> (for those in need)

If you see anyone in the neighbourhood near 99speedmart that requires support with a white flag, this is how you can help:

Send the following information to our WhatsApp at 010-500 0099 or message us directly on our 99speedmart Facebook account via private message (PM).

1. Housing address
2. A picture of the home (with white flag)

Take Note:

  • The campaign will be effective from 1st July 2021 to 14th July 2021.
  • 1000 packages prepared per day.
  • Goods will be sent within 24 hours.
  • Only for housing areas near 99speedmart outlets.

<挂白旗运动> (给有需要的人士)

99speedmart响应挂白旗运动, 如果您发现99speedmart附近有住宅挂著白旗, 请通过WhatsApp发送所在位置及住宅照片至010-500 0099或私息99speedmart面子书, 我们将尽快为该住家送上一袋生活必需品。

•此活动将从2021年7月1日 至 2021年7月14日

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