Malay Mail – Under-probe Zahid admits aide dipped into charity purse, calls it ‘honest mistake’

When you are in power for too long, everything you do is assumed to be justified, regardless of the consequences..right or wrong is insignificant. You get what you want no matter what people say.

The danger of being “worshiped” by the followers is so real, especially when it comes to politics. I’ve come across some decent individuals before they joined politics..but soon after, they turned into the biggest assholes. Their egos grow out of proportion and their sense of reality gets blurred along the way. In the end, they form their own “tribe” with their own tribal behavior no one else could understand. In the true sense of the word, their primitive instinct kicks in and whatever comes their way is assumed to be theirs to keep.

This tribal mentality permeates at all level of society. In politics, once you are elected (though, the method of election is questionable) then you are “entitled” to a lot of privileges. Whether you can do your job well is secondary. The primary objective, so it seems, is for personal enrichment. Your friends, who were once a kedai kopi buddies, are now no more. Some of them would go the extra mile to loot, not just the party they represent but the nation as well. Fear is not in their vocabulary.


Soon you realize that this new breed has transformed into a super human called VVIP. Not just them but their whole families and cronies would follow them in this journey to stardom. The taste of new-found rich is so compelling. The sweetness of being super-rich is above and beyond their wildest imagination.

I suppose the theory of “supply and demand” works here. The followers who follow their leaders blindly are partly to blame. And their leaders who are equipped with the knowledge of “manipulation” (maybe BTN has a role to play) manipulate their subjects to the fullest. No questions asked. You simply can’t question authority. It’s considered sacrosanct to touch these people. Whatever they say goes. Such is the state of affairs with most of these political parties. And the ultimate result is being manifested on a daily basis now. One after another, these leaders who had gone over-board have been dragged by MACC and the likes for questioning and eventually charged in court.

In the end, their process of transformation would go in full circle. Eventually, they would end up being where they were before, or even worst..end up in jail.

This whole episode should serve as a reminder to the power that be. Whatever goes around comes around. Don’t let the power gets to your head! especially to the new and inexperienced lawmakers. Remember, the title YB is not Yang Berhormat but should be read as Yang Berkhidmat. The Rakyat expects nothing less from all of you YBs..so please berkhidmat for us.

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