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MALAYSIA..Developed Nation Conundrum

The Government has spearheaded a series of infrastructure improvement and development projects in line with her vision to achieve a Developed Nation status by 2020. However, the measure of success should not be limited to how many skyscrapers we have or how many new highways and byways we have constructed. While all of these basic infrastructure developments are necessary to support various social and economic activities we should not loose sight on the importance of transforming the way Malaysians think. It is on its own, merits a mindset transformation change. I do not want to delve into the mechanism to achieve this goal because a lot has been done to educate the public on various issues of concern such as health, education, cleanliness, financials, etc.

Civic mindedness is the responsibility of each and everyone us. To reach that level of understanding we need to look deep inside ourselves and ask the question whether we are ready to embrace the future. It’s not an easy task but we have to try somehow. This brings back to my actual reason writing this snippet. I went to see a dentist recently and at the front door I could see shoes all over the place despite shoe racks located close by. Why can’t the people use the shoe racks as intended? Lack of discipline and no respect for rules seem to be the order of the day. This is just one example. Others include loitering public parks, roads, highways and public facilities. Even masjids are not spared. So..what happens Malaysians? I’m really dumbfounded and clueless. What else can we do to change this mindset?

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