Malaysian Dream

I’m feeling a bit nutty today..but please allow me to proceed..Now let’s talk about education for a while..there’s a reason why education sucks and don’t ever think it’s gonna get any better any time soon..be happy with what you’ve got and don’t look forward for any miracles either..because the owners of this country don’t want that..I’m talking about the real owners of this country..those big corporate giants and GLCs that control everything business in this country and making major decisions for us. Forget about politicians..the politicians are put there to create a notion that we’re given the freedom of choice..in reality we don’t have any..we don’t have any say at all..what we have is owners..they own us..they own and control everything, they own and control land, they own major corporations, they own politicians and maybe your beloved judges are also stuck somewhere at the back pocket of their pants. They control most of the media companies so they get to control most of the news and information you and I get to hear day in day out. They got us by the balls!! They spend billions of RM every year lobbying to get what they want..so that they can get more for themselves and less for us (the average Joe)..but let me tell you what they don’t want..they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking..they don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking..they don’t want that! that is not helping them in any way..that is not in their best interest. They don’t want people start asking critical questions at their kitchen table how they have been f**** by a system that has gone overboard for the last 50 years!? No..they don’t want that.. what they want is obedient workers..people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paper work..but dumb enough to accept shitty jobs with low pay, diminishing benefits, long hours and no over-time..worst still by the time you go to collect your pension plan..there’s nothing left to collect (hopefully this is just a myth) ..and they want you to be grateful..they want you to work more get less..pay cuts if you must..cut here cut there..everything must be cut..hey..they even want you to walk or get a bike to get to work so you can save money on cars and fuel..and help save the planet at the same time..wow..what a good job at masquerading.

One day you wake up..decide to withdraw your money from your pension funds or whatever funds entrusted to them..don’t be surprise..they can play a magic trick on you..what do you do then?..It turns out that their criminal friends can have or do whatever they wish as far as the public funds are concerned..sooner or later they will have what they want..you know why..because they control you and they own this f*** place. It’s a big club..and you ain’t in it..you and I are not in it!! It’s the same club that’s telling you selective news and information that you need to know for their benefit..it’s the same club that’s beating on your heads all day long what to believe, what to think, what to buy, where to buy..the table is tilted and the game is rigged..nobody gives a damn anymore..nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care!

Good, honest hardworking people..white collar, blue collar..doesn’t matter what color of shirt you have on..it’s the same group of people continue to elect the same group of rich cocksuckers who don’t give a f*** about us..they don’t give a f*** about you..they don’t care at all..at all..at all..nobody seems to notice..nobody seems to care..that’s what they’re counting on..the fact that Malaysians will remain willfully ignorant of the brown, yellow, white, black or blue dicks that have been jamming up their assholes everyday..and that’s folks..because the owners of this country know the truth..the plain truth about Malaysian dream..you have to be asleep to believe it!!

Note: this article is a direct translation of the brilliance of George Carlin as he expressed his usual self as a stand-up comic in front of thousands of audience in the span of his life career as a comedian. This particular piece can be found in http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4jQT7_rVxAE. I recommend readers to watch it and appreciate the masterpiece as delivered by this renowned comedian. This is in no way meant to undermine what’s rightfully George. It seems universal that the problems faced by the Americans are shared by others. It is in this context that I feel compelled to re-print his work as it applied to the Malaysian scenario. It’s by no means intended to offend anyone..just the simple plain truth best expressed by George through his unfiltered vision of the powers that be.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for this piece other than to share with my fellow Malaysians who have never heard of George Carlin and his work. Peace to all and let’s get critical!!

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