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Marriage Are Not For Children!


             It was a shocking news for most Malaysians when a Kelantanese man, age 41, is married to an 11-year-old child. This phenomenon has arise not only in Malaysia but also in other parts of the world like India, Brazil and Pakistan. Child marriage has become a worrisome phenomenon to some countries due to the fact that many young girls are being manipulated by men. Not to mention, they become the victims of this problem because lower-income families have limited opportunities to start with. It can be observed that these men exploit families who have lower-income to their advantage.

The rakyat has to voice out this issue as to ensure that this problem would not spread. If more people place their firm beliefs in showing that they are against this action, the process of taking action on this matter might speed it up. Nevertheless, why should child marriage be banned?

  1. Health Issues


According to Global Citizen (2018), the leading cause of deaths are from low and middle income countries, in which girls aged 15-19 face pregnancy complications and childbirths. Also, International Women’s Health Coalition stated that girls who are under 15 years old are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth as compared to women who are in their 20’s. They might also face pregnancy injuries as well.


  1. Education

Most girls are forced to stop schooling to be a housewife. This would definitely give a huge impact on their life. It is crucial for children to pursue education to equip themselves with knowledge. More often than not, childhood is the critical period for cognitive development. It is a stage for a child to build their own Weltanschauung (world view) or perspectives which eventually help them to enhance their intellectual and emotional intelligence. Hence, they should focus more on this matter instead of carrying the responsibilities of a wife.


  1. Gender Equality


In most countries like Malaysia, our mentality is heavily anchored by the perception of men overpowering women. Women, especially young girls, should be given equal opportunity to grow and explore their identity. The consequences of child marriage would give more negative impact to the girls rather the men because of their dominance. Hence, instead of marrying off the girls to ‘help’ their future, the society should come up with alternatives plan to help these lower-income families as to make sure they get the opportunity they deserve.


             To conclude, child marriage is not the solution to help these lower-income families. A child should embrace their childhood years and not be taken advantage by others. We, as Malaysian, should unite and protect the children of the future. As these children grow up, they will contribute back to the country. Hence, the safety of people should be everyone’s concern for the betterment of the country.








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