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Najib Inner Circle

Omar Mustapha

Omar was Najib’s aide when he was DPM.

The one-time special assistant to Najib owns a business consultancy called Ethos & Co.

Omar, who is 39 years old, also has links with Sondakh.

The two struck up a relationship several years ago when Omar was assigned by Najib, then Deputy PM, to build a network in Indonesia, which was identified as a potential investment destination for Malaysian companies, particularly state controlled enterprises.

Businessmen who know Omar say that he is being tapped for strategic advice.

He is also said to be the architect of the Premier’s “1 Malaysia” slogan — a call for a more united Malaysia, which has become the central theme of Najib’s first 100 days in office.

But Omar, who graduated from Oxford, has been ensnared in a controversy in recent weeks after the board of the national oil corporation Petronas rebuffed a proposal by Najib to appoint his young aide as a director.



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