Neelofa True Colors

Everyone is bound to make mistakes once in a while. Neelofa is no exception. Her EGO got in a way and voila! she walked straight into the abyss. In today’s world of connectedness you can’t run away from public opinion. Whether you like it or not the public is the ONE who puts you there. You rely on their support more than they you. So, once you reach that social status you better buck up. Every single thing you do outside of your home will be put under public scrutiny.

I don’t know exactly how she reached the decision to launch her new products at a night club but the public’s sensitivity should not be sidelined, especially, when her target audience is Muslim women. This type of thing just don’t jive very well with the majority of the Muslim population in this country.

Maybe she’s testing a new marketing concept or approach so controversial that eventually it’ll work to her advantage. Only a handful can accept this kind of thing. But, judging by the reaction from around the net, it’s obvious that majority of the public (read..muslim) has criticized this bold move as blatant disrespect to the religion. Even the WP Mufti has stepped in to give advise.

We hope Neelofa can accept criticisms and turn them into something positive. Simply don’t brush off public opinions and come out clean to explain the motivation behind it. Don’t let company rep making public apologies but the diva herself should be in front of the lenses explaining herself. Sometimes..truth hurts!

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