Nooryana Najwa Najib..stop trying to get sympathy

Dear Gina,

I saw your lengthy instagram post about how you feel about your mum’s detention. You seem to feel extremely sad and angry over her detention by MACC. But Gina, it’s too late to be angry at this moment.

Where were you when your mum were shopping around the world? Where were you when your mum was buying those handbags?

Did you ever ask your mum, how did your family manage to get millions of ringgit for your wedding ceremony, a luxurious celebration that lasted 3-4days?

Also, did you know how many mothers went through the same feeling, or even worse, after they were unjustly detained by your dad’s regime… they were sent to lokaps for simply calling out the excesses and greed of your parents, they were denied of their rights simply for fighting for a better Malaysia.

Some were detained under solitary confinement for 11 days. Again, where were you at that time? Did you question your dad about it? Let me tell you, Maria Chin is also a mum of 3 kids. You can go and ask her kids, how they felt when during those 11 days.

And let me tell you here, all of us who were detained back then, was always handcuffed, we were asked to wear the orange uniform… innocent people treated like criminals.

So, stop trying to get sympathy. At the end of the day, this is what you call karma… or better yet, justice.

Mandeep Singh

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