Old habits die hard

With the whole nation waiting in anticipation for yet another first in the sixty-year history of Malaysian politics, we were thrown out of tangent, unexpectedly, by the immature behavior of the opposition lawmakers to stage a walkout of Dewan Rakyat. The reason for the walkout is insignificant, but the attitude of these lawmakers is nothing more than childish.

Instead of respecting the House, the walkout is another testament of immaturity and disrespecting of the people they represent as Wakil Rakyat. Would the majority of the Rakyat approve this “samseng-like” behavior? I think not.

Instead of using the right channel to voice out their grievances, resorting to this walkout did not augur well with the people they represent. At most it shows how stupid and vengeful they are.

In fact the video that has been viralling shows the commotion is “pasar”-like with the shouting competition taking the center stage. Is this the kind of scenario to be expected the next 5 years to come? I hope not.

So, what can we really expect from our lawmakers? You and I, we voted for them for a reason. And this latest show of brouhaha is nothing to shout about. Truly, old habits die hard!

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