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“Pirate” ship caught off the coast of Bali

One of the biggest scandals in Malaysia was thought to be long forgotten by its forgiving citizens..but not until recently. Even though our court has cleared all actors of any wrongdoing certain quarters are still pursuing the matters with intense determination to bring those responsible to justice. At the center of this controversy is our beloved Penang bred super businessman who owns the super-yacht Equanimity. His asset was confiscated illegally at Benoa Bay in Bali. He claims that he has not done anything wrong in the eyes of the law, be it local or international. Whatever that has happened seems to be a continuous effort by his enemies to bring down his business empire which he had built from scratch without the help of anyone including influential politicians as alleged by certain quarters.

The fact that he is Malaysian and in the spirit of 1Malaysia we all should rally behind our beloved son who is about to be martyred. We should forget about the scandal and unite as one entity to tell the whole world that they should stay away from our beloved son. There is no case in Malaysia. Why then the rest of the world sibuk-sibuk meddling into our affairs?

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