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Politicians..stop bickering!

Too much politicking can be hazardous to the party in particular and to the nation, in general. Internal bickering should be contained. Party leaders should step in at the outset before things could get out of hands. Remember the Rakyat is watching every single move you make and every single thing you say. Ok..the party is over and it’s time to go to work. Show us what you’re made of. No more clowning around. If you’re thinking about being in power for the second term, then start showing us results beneficial to the Rakyat and for nation-building. No more corrupt practices. No more cronyism. No more nepotism. Uphold total transparency. Uphold highest level of governance & professionalism. This applies to both sides, Government of the day & the Opposition. Together we need to create a culture of peace and this could be achieved when politicians understand real problems facing the Rakyat, and have the skills to resolve conflicts and struggle for justice. Our expectation is high. So, don’t disappoint us.

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