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Rescuers find missing hiker who survived two days on 100Plus

Victim sustains fracture from slipping into ravine on Bukit Tabur

by Maithilli Kalaiselvan

KUALA LUMPUR – A 24-year-old woman who went missing while hiking in the forest of Bukit Tabur near Ampang Sunday had been found by a rescue team following an intense two-day search.

Sangeeta Suppiah was spotted with a fractured leg. It was understood that she got lost in the woods and fell into a ravine with a depth of 30m. 

The Fire and Rescue Department commenced a search with the support of the Mountain Search and Rescue Society Malaysia (Mosars) and some volunteers.

When contacted, her father confirmed that she had been found and sustained a fracture. 

He said that he needed to handle formalities with the police today and that she had been warded and is recovering in a hospital.

The family thanked volunteers who helped in the search, those who had spread the news to get assistance, and for the public’s prayers on the victim’s safety via social media.

Meanwhile, Sunil Hasmukharay, the victim’s friend and the emergency response coordinator for the Sathya Sai International Organisation Malaysia’s national service wing, says “she survived two nights on the hill with a bottle of 100 Plus”.

Selangor Bomba director Datuk Norazam Khamis said she was found around 11am in the ravine she had slipped into.

“The victim was found in a conscious state but she had sustained injuries due to the fall,” he was reported as saying by Sinar Harian. She was later carried by rescue officials to safety.

According to Sinar Harian, she is believed to have gotten lost while hiking alone. 

Sangeeta had entered the Bukit Tabur forest at about 7am on Sunday, and called her family when she could not find her way out four hours later.

Norazam said that about 55 officials from the Multi Skill Team (Must), Bomba, Police, Civil Defence Department, Forestry Department, and Mosars engaged in the search-and-rescue operation with the use of two sniffer dogs. – The Vibes, January 31, 2023

Source: Rescuers find missing hiker who survived two days on 100Plus – The Vibes

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