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Satisfy your curry cravings at Bandar Sri Damansara’s Mamu Nasi Ganja

If you are after flavour bombs with your rice, Mamu Nasi Ganja will satisfy all those curry cravings.

For an ultra satisfying meal, hit up Mamu Nasi Ganja for their ‘ayam madu bawang’ and that thick, flavour packed ‘dalca’. — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

By Lee Khang Yi | Malay Mail

Friday, 29 Jul 2022 9:57 AM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 — If you are after flavour bombs with your rice, Mamu Nasi Ganja will satisfy all those curry cravings.

Located at Bandar Sri Damansara, this place serves an addictive nasi kandar hence the “ganja” moniker. We guarantee that one taste of their thick curries and dalca will make you return for more of the deliciousness. The recipes used are said to have Penang and Perlis roots.

Previously housed at a roadside stall, they just relocated to a shop lot. This means more comfortable surroundings for you to enjoy your nasi ganja.

What I appreciated is how focused they are with their food. The menu isn’t a mile long and the focus means each item is well prepared.

For the weekday menu, select from various sets from RM12. The yellow coloured rice with a hint of spices is served with dalca and your choice of protein.

Indulge in two proteins with their lightly spiced rice by picking the spicy ‘ayam tanjung’ and that tender ‘daging hitam’.

For chicken, select between ayam tanjongayam madu bawang, or ayam goreng mamu. There’s also one beef item which is their daging hitam. If you want a combination of chicken and beef, it’s RM15 for that set.

When the weekend rolls in, it’s time to celebrate the time off with their special items like the lamb shank for RM38. Or go for their biryani dalca for RM15.

I haven’t tried these specials but reviews have been incredibly positive about their crowd favourite lamb shank.

The star of the show is their ayam madu bawang. Take a peek at the giant pot the chicken is cooked in and you will be able to see how they layer the deliciousness. It gets another layer of flavour as the chicken is blanketed under a layer of fragrant fried onions.

If you take a peek at the ‘ayam madu bawang’, you can see how the chicken is blanketed with a layer of fried onions (left). Fried chicken is in huge pieces and marinated so the meat is tasty (right).

The ayam tanjung is much spicier. While it hits the high notes for a burning sensation, it does lack a strong flavour punch though.

Even their ayam goreng is good with juicy meat that is marinated and coated with a crispy fried batter. The pieces are also substantial and packed with meaty goodness. If you opt for an additional item from their chicken choices, it’s an extra RM7 you need to fork out.

For the daging hitam, this was another delicious rendition of beef cooked in spicy soy sauce. In the huge pot, thick dark curry packed with spices and dark soy sauce engulf pieces of fork tender beef. This infuses the meat with more flavour.

The menu is not huge but packed with winning dishes full of flavour (left). Look for their new premises that is across from the Sekolah Agama Sri Damansara (right).

Each set is accompanied by their dalca. This thick sauce made from lentils is generously studded with soft potatoes cut into chunks.

Look for the eatery located opposite the Sekolah Rendah Agama Sri Damansara. They also just started operating in the evening for dinner time. If you prefer delivery to your home or office, they are also listed on GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Mamu Nasi Ganja, No. 11A-1, Jalan Meranti SD 13/4, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Open: 10am to 2pm, 5pm to 10pm. Tel: +6013-3300052. Facebook: @MamuNasiGanja

Source: Satisfy your curry cravings at Bandar Sri Damansara’s Mamu Nasi Ganja | Malay Mail

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