Should we form Tax Payers Union in the country?

Now a Tax Payers Union should be formed in the country.

The following suggestion is made by an income tax officer (shared for wide circulation).

Now the time has come when an All Malaysian Organization of taxpayers should be formed, which will be the biggest organization in the world.

Now a Tax Payers Union should be formed in the country.

No matter which Government is ruling, without the approval of this Union, no free electricity, free water, free distribution, or loan waivers can be announced by anyone, nor can any government implement anything like this.

Money comes from our tax payments, so we should have the right to oversee its use.

Political parties will keep luring the public by distributing freebies for votes, since it benefits them. Whatever schemes are announced, the government should first give their blueprints and take consent from the Union.

This should be applicable even to the salaries of MPs & DUNs and the other indiscriminate benefits they get.

Is democracy limited to just voting? What rights do we tax payers have after that?

Tax payers should also have the right to hold MPs , DUNs accountable and initiate disciplinary action against them for disrupting working of parliament.

They are after all “servants”, paid by taxpayers.

Right to recall any such “Freebies” should also be implemented soon.

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