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Singapore drives forward with e-mobility News

The ABB chargers can recharge electric vehicle batteries in around 30 minutes

The ABB chargers can recharge electric vehicle batteries in around 30 minutes

Singapore is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) with utility company SP Group aiming to deploy 500 electric charging points by 2020 to create the largest public charging network in the city-state.

The group has chosen ABB to supply its DC fast charging stations, which can recharge EV batteries in around 30 minutes. It plugs a critical gap in the adoption of EVs and empowers citizens to embrace greener mobility options.

Driving e-mobility

ABB has already supplied one DC fast charger to SP Group as a prototype and will deliver the first 15 for the project in October 2018. As part of SP Group’s efforts to drive e-mobility to the next level in Singapore, ABB was selected as one of the key suppliers focusing on high-powered charging stations. Its DC charging stations are able to offer fast, convenient and reliable service with convenience akin to a fuel station experience.

“ABB’s technologies will not only support this landmark project but also serve the nation’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and lay the foundation for sustainable mobility, one of the key initiatives of the country’s Smart Nation vision,” said Frank Muehlon, managing director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure at ABB.

The ABB team has extensive experience of working with projects that range from small roadside installations to nation-wide fast charging systems, such as those in development with Electrify America and across Europe with IONITY.

Earlier this year, it partnered with Volvo Buses and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore to provide its heavy vehicle chargers (HVC) 300P for a forthcoming project to deliver two autonomous driving electric buses for the island by the beginning of 2019.



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