Science and Technology

Rakuten Symphony launches Indian Open RAN initiative

Rakuten Symphony has built up an employee base of 3,000 through both acquisitions and organic growth, based in Bengaluru and…

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Ideas to start your business on a budget

Given the power of bootstrapping, it's now possible to kick-start a high growth business without investing a lot of capital,…

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Strategic Management

3 ways to keep people engaged amid digital transformation

Many businesses are making faster digital transformation progress than they anticipated as changes made when the pandemic started take hold,…

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Customer Service

Is it time to launch a chatbot?

With some businesses turning to chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, Douglas Crowe covers the reasons for their effectiveness while also…

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Productivity Tools

Preparing for technology disruptions

Technology will eventually create disruptions for every business, so its vital to build redundancy, automation and backups into workflows, writes…

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