Thailand positions itself as global hub for medical tourism

Malaysia too has a lot of opportunities in medical tourism. Places like Langkawi and Port Dickson would be ideal locations for such an industry.

Thailand’s cabinet has approved a proposal to lower the fee for one-year visas to people seeking medical treatment to THB5,000 (USD140) from THB6,000. Tipanan Sirichana, a deputy spokeswoman for the government, said the new permits will be issued starting Jan 1, 2023. The medical visas will allow foreign patients to fly in and out of Thailand besides allowing them a maximum stay of 90 days at a stretch. Applicants will need to produce evidence of a hospital appointment, health insurance, and proof of adequate financing for treatments covering at least THB800,000. Treatments for cardiovascular disease, cancer, organ transplants, anti-aging and cosmetic surgery could qualify for the new visas. Thailand positioned itself as a global hub for healthcare tourism in the post-pandemic era with hospital operators leading the efforts.


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