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The biggest organized crime we’ve ever seen

A good write-up by Art Harun, the lawyer. Something that we can ponder to enlighten ourselves; the sheer scale and magnitude of malfeasance is unbelievable.

900 accounts being investigated

Malaysia has not seen allegations of and investigations into organised crimes of the scale that we are seeing now.

Reports about UMNO’s bank accounts being frozen and investigations are being done in respect of 900 bank accounts as well as major political parties allegedly receiving illicit money are just shocking.

At the end of the day, it boils down to calling a spade, a spade.

The procurement and multi-parties distribution as well as usages of the illicit money are organised crimes.

And the person, or group of persons, at the centre of it all was a crime lord.

Malaysians are now just beginning to fathom the scale – and seriousness – of these crimes.

This is like the Mafia being unravelled.

One by one the investigators are peeling the layers of the onion network; the modus operandi; the grand scheme and getting to know the beneficiaries of the crimes; what they did and how they benefited.

It will take months, if not years, of painstaking investigative works. And more years for prosecutions to commence and convictions secured.

The weight of the investigations, prosecutions and trials will terribly burden and stretch the resources of the investigating authorities, the AG Chambers and the judiciary.

At the end of the day, ordinary Malaysians will be the ones who suffer as their businesses with the above institutions will be delayed as the institutions struggle to cope with the sheer amount of works.

Of more concern is the integrity of our electoral processes.

Quite how the usages of illicit money and the extent to which such usages impacted and influenced the result of our general elections 13 and 14 remain to be seen.

If it was proven that illicit money was distributed to political parties and that the same money was used to finance the election of candidates from those parties during the general elections, the question to be asked is, would that amount to illegal or corrupt practices under the Election Offences Act.

And if they were, what would be the consequences of a finding of guilt against those people who were involved?

If they did this during GE13, could they run as candidates in GE14?

If they did run and win in GE14, can their victory be quashed or set aside? And if they were set aside, must there be by-elections?

All these questions will have to be pondered upon.

As I said earlier, we have never seen organised crimes of this scale in Malaysia.

We will live for years to come under this great shadow of shame and infamy before we could wash ourselves off this filthy dirt.

Thank God the majority of voting Malaysians had done the right thing on May the 9th.

It is a good start.

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