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The government has to get a grip of itself!

by Lukman Sheriff 

The government has to get a grip of itself. This is of the last few weeks.

1. Conflicting and confusing positions on ecrl
2. Defending AES RM200k camera which they opposed previously
3. The pulling back of Minister order setting out the ministerial functions
4. MySalam scheme conflicts and the failure to consult with various stakeholders
5. Pure political appointments in YADIM
6. The revision of dasar kebudayaan kebangsaan
7. it’s electoral candidate belittling orang asli
8. Appointment of racist Hew as trade chairman
9. Defending a fake degree

Too many issues affecting its integrity especially no 8 in rewarding a racist. Hew must resign. As for Marzuki, in the previous government the ministers did not resign though they then called for the BN ministers to resign. All this affects the credibility especially in the words of Datuk Rais when they try to defend the indefensible. The narrative that being a fraudster is better than being a thief is really awful. It shows how low our politicians can go.

I hope the government do the right thing. Terminate Hew. Don’t defend Marzuki by comparing with unrelated events. It would be best if Marzuki were to resign so that the government can maintain at least some moral high ground. Otherwise in the word of LKS people will have trust issues and be more suspicious.

Just to note that the so call moral guardian like (ex-army) patriot, G25 and CSO have been silent on these issues of racism and integrity.


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