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The Mass Rapid Transit Line 3 (MRT3) is estimated to cost RM50.2 billion

Bloated price tag for MRT3 project at staggering RM50 billion for 50km route.

RM34.3 billion for construction
RM8.4 billion for land acquisition
RM5.6 billion for project management
RM1.9 billion for miscellaneous expenses

That’s RM1 billion per km!!

This project would undoubtedly benefit people in Klang Valley, especially, KL & Selangor. What happens to people in other States? They pay taxes too. What benefits do they get out of this mega project?

Open tender exercise? Or is it selected tender exercise?

In the long run project like this is good for the people. It’s just that the distribution of projects ($$..) is questionable. Can they really practice and exercise total transparency, fairness, and corporate governance in their procurement policy?

How do they avoid political collusion, corruption, and cronyism? All of these factors contribute to the bloated price tag we are all well aware of.


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