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The train that stops at a station everyday to pick up ONE passenger so she can get to school

Japan Railways runs a train for only one passenger for the last three years.

A high-school girl takes the train from Kami-Shirataki station in the northernmost island of Hokkaido, Japan and the same train drops her back from school.

She is the only passenger to travel in the train and Japan Railways has made the decision to run the train only for her.

Japan government was planning to shut the station down due to its remote location, until they noticed it being used by a school girl on everyday basis, which is why they kept the train moving until she graduates. Japan Railways even rescheduled the train according to her school timings. The girl is supposed to graduate this coming March, after which the train service will be shut down permanently.

People are saluting the Japan government for their step of keeping education as top priority and made a comment in the form of a Facebook post, which shows the CCTV footage, ‘Why should I not want to die for a country like this when the government is ready to go an extra mile just for me. This is the meaning of good governance penetrating right to the grassroot level. Every citizen matters. No Child left behind!’

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