Tuan-Puan tengok sajalah gaya hidup pemimpin negara kita..STYLE kena ada! BETUI??

5 tahun lagi memerintah dan mengawal harta karun negara..tahulah macam mana nak di godam nanti. Atau..sudah tiba masanya kita GODAM depa dulu?

Harta pungutan perlu ditunjuk kepada rakyat..supaya rakyat akan lebih percaya dan yakin dengan kebolehan mereka merangka plot memperkayakan diri sendiri..dan maybe kalau ada serpihan boleh dikongsikan bersama tuan/puan sekalian. Dah +/- 60 tahun memerintah..kebanyakan rakyat masih lagi berada ditahap yang sama..mungkin tak semua tapi yang pandai mengampu & menjilat, (aka crony) boleh cari makan dan hidup lebih mewah sikit dari Tuan-Puan.

Tak lama lagi nak mengundi. Undilah puak2 penyamun ni semoga depa dapat show-off jauh lebih banyak harta kekayaan dari apa yang ada laa niee. 5 tahun lagi memerintah dan mengawal harta karun negara..tahulah macam mana nak di godam nanti. Atau..sudah tiba masanya kita GODAM depa dulu?

By Azri Azizan | 27 Oktober 2022 | Source:

Photo of Zahid Hamidi With RM2 Million Luxury Watch on His Wrist Shocks M’sians

What you wear says a lot about your personality, or is that merely a myth and a social stigma? If we can afford something, we’re likely to buy a piece of jewelry or an accessory to put on, regardless of the price. PEMIMPIN BOLEH!!?

Most of the time, people tend not to bat an eye towards jewelry or accessories that one wear. However, being a public figure, all eyes seem to be on you, especially if you have  a taste for high-end fashion brands. Recently, Zahid Hamidi once again found himself under the spotlight but this time, his luxury watch became the centre of attraction.

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According to a Facebook post, what Zahid Hamidi, the 8th President of UMNO wore in the photo above is a Richard Mille RM35-01 luxury watch, and the price is far from what most of us can afford. The screenshot of the listing of the fancy watch reveals the price – a whopping RM1,909,414! <Remember..only a few a!@#$$*&le can afford this. Hooray..PEMIMPIN BOLEH!>

Remember when Prime Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob became the talk of the town for wearing luxury branded shirts and loafers? Who knew another politician would be seen with something even more expensive that costs millions! <They are trying to outdo each other?>

While the Facebook post has not received much attention, some Malaysians have expectedly expressed their shock over the price of the watch.

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“The price of his watch could’ve solved 3 flood-related projects in the village.”

Screenshot 2022 10 27 102809

“That’s nearly 2 million for a watch.”

Screenshot 2022 10 27 102823

“Will he mention eliminating corruption and abuse of power in his upcoming manifesto?”

In the meantime, some netizens also commented sarcastically about what they saw.

Screenshot 2022 10 27 102835

“Our corruption fighter. That’s great, and that’s an expensive watch.”

“We support him so that he can buy a bigger watch.”

The upcoming General Election is only a few weeks away, and with a nearly RM2 million luxury watch on Zahid’s wrist, do you think it will affect his fate in the election?

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