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What to do before going on vacation

The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when planning to be away from their business

Having a 24/7 hustle mindset can really hinder plans when it comes to unplugging from your business. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to ever actually check out from your business.

Luckily, taking my personal development seriously, and implementing a new system has helped me take off and scale my business. However, this took a lot of trial and error. These are the biggest mistakes I’ve made, along with other entrepreneurs, and how to ensure that you don’t repeat them when planning to be away from your business.

First Mistake: Not Planning Things Out Ahead Of Time

If you plan out your schedule, you can plan your essential business tasks and automate the simple things to ensure that everything is taken care of before you head out on vacation. Even if you can’t fully step away from your business, you can still plan all of the materials you’ll need to use ahead of time.

Setting all of these things up ahead of time is crucial so that anyone is able to take over and simply hit send, or click a button to make the systems in your business flawless. I’ve often stepped away and just had an assistant send through or schedule things for my business like posts and course launches.

This is something my coach helped me with, and it allowed me to go on a 10-day trip to Bali, and four day trip to Mexico City while having the biggest launch of my life to date: $141K. It was actually easy because I knew exactly what was going out.

Second Mistake: Not Creating a Realistic Schedule

Even though you want to enjoy your time off, you might still have to work some days. The key is to schedule in your work time in chunks when you know you’ll be most productive. For instance, if you’re a morning person then get up early, hash out what needs to be done and leave your afternoon and evening open to enjoy while on vacation.

You can only make this schedule work if you are realistic with it. If something is going to take you a few hours, then don’t schedule that for the end of your morning work routine. You shouldn’t be working when you’ve promised to spend time with your family. Be sure to carve out a realistic schedule and stick to it.

One thing that has worked for me is setting up different Google calendars. I have a personal calendar, a business calendar, a course launch calendar, and another calendar for my tasks. This helps me share my calendar with my virtual assistant and clients, and also schedule anything new that comes up during an actual free time. Trying to do this mentally will guarantee that you will miss things.

Third Mistake: Not Delegating, or Having a Team in Place

Hiring a full-time virtual assistant and online business manager changed the game for me this year. Not only was I able to outsource the things I hated doing, but my virtual assistant and business manager also do these things much better than I ever could. And they’ve helped free up my time so I can focus on the things that I excel in.

I usually write out an entire list of various tasks that need to be done for the different areas in my business. Then, I mark the ones that I definitely need to do myself or want to take on and delegate everything else. When you’re planning on taking time off from your job, your own task list should really be nonexistent. You need a team, or at least a virtual assistant, to ensure that things run smoothly when you’re not present. Almost everything on your task list can be outsourced.

Even if you can’t afford a full-time virtual assistant yet, you can still hire someone to help you a few hours a month with small tasks that take up your time that you know you don’t have to do yourself. You can find affordable virtual assistants on Facebook, Instagram, and on sites such as UpWork and Fiverr.

Fourth Mistake: Lacking Communication

If you’re taking the rare vacation as an entrepreneur, you should be as available and present as possible. Your mind is sure to shift to business, but you need to communicate this effectively with your travel friends or family. Let them know when you plan on catching up on some work instead of constantly looking at your phone the entire time.

You should communicate with your family ahead of time when you plan on working, and when you plan on being available to them.

Megan Yelaney is a life and business coach, who went from starving artist to earning multiple 6 figures as an entrepreneur in the past two years. She’s also the creator of Client Attraction University, a 10 Week Group Program to help online coaches gain more targeted ideal clients consistently, and is helping female entrepreneurs create more purpose in their day to day lives, while still building the empire of their dreams.

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