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Who is protecting our interests when we buy bad products or being conned into buying one?

How many times have we bought products that do not meet our expectations? And what do we do when that happens? Who can we complain to regarding these bad products besides returning them to the sellers or retailers at the expense of our time while at the same time increasing our anxiety and stress level?

The obvious thing to do is to return the products and ask for refunds. But that defeats the purpose of buying the products in the first place. Some of you may argue that only a small percentage of products coming out of the factory production line is bad. What if you are the one belongs to that “small percentage” group?

These are some of the questions many consumers have but don’t know where to turn to for answers. As consumers we have to understand our rights and do the right things to ensure same problems do not happen to other consumers. We need to put pressure on everyone involved in the supply chain; from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers or service providers.

They don’t make products or offer services like they used to. So, we as the consumers who PAY for the products or services rendered have the moral obligation to demand for better product or service quality. It’s time we put our PURCHASING POWER to work. Don’t give in to sub-standard products or services. Take actions responsibly by voicing out your dissatisfaction through various channels available online and off-line. Talking about it amongst friends does not take you far. You need to do something about it.

So, if you fall victim to some form of scam whether it’s online or off-line OR if you need help/advise with bad products or services please contact the following associations:

  1. Federation of Consumers Associations (FOMCA):
  2. Persatuan Pengguna Kedah (CAKE):
  3. Consumer Association of Penang (CAP):
  4. Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM):
  5. National Consumer Complaints Centre:
  6. Consumer Forum of Malaysia:
  7. Lain-lain Persatuan Pengguna (peringkat Negeri):

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