Who’s pocketing the extra charge for plastic bags at retail outlets?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s only on Saturday they are collecting this “toll” but the fact remains that consumers must pay 20sen per plastic bag as a punishment for not bringing our own grocery bags.

My question is how much does it cost to produce one plastic bag? In mass production I don’t think it’ll cost that much, maybe 1sen? If it is 1sen then there’s 19sen surcharge per bag! And who’s pocketing this extra change? Is it the outlet owner or the policy maker?

I suppose that’s the price we have to pay for non-compliance. The policy makers set the rules and the mass must follow. But, how about the environment, you ask! There’s a lot of campaigns going on. Recycling, green earth, green building, environmental-friendly waste management, alternative energy, and renewable energy, to name a few. It is a process and it’ll take a long while before it catches on.

In the Taman where I live the Local Authority has not started their recycling project yet. Though, they’ve been talking about it for years. I suppose money is the major issue.

So, it boils down to awareness and the level of commitment of the people.

It may sound insignificant (20sen per plastic bag) but I sure don’t like to be taken for a ride and be a sucker all the time. The policy maker should drop this “by-law” (is it?) and instead, ask the retail outlets to use alternative paper bags or other environmental-friendly materials.

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