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Why Illegal Advertisements are still Rampant?

Illegal advertisements are all over the place despite repeated outcry from the public. These illegal postings destroy public properties and cause unsightly scenes in our neighborhoods. Some school properties have also been seen to be pasted with all these illegal postings! TNB, TMB, and other public properties are not spared from these hooligans. So what can we do as a community to stop this madness? I’m sure resident associations (RAs) have done their level best to address the issue but the problem doesn’t seem to subside. Once in a while these RAs would organize a “gotong royong” to take down these illegal posters, but unfortunately most of the time they only receive lukewarm response from the community (another issue all together).

Rampant Illegal Adverts

In one neighborhood I’ve seen one contractor engaged by a Local Authority to clean up the mess on a daily basis hoping this would discourage the illegal advertisers from propagating their activities. To a certain extent it seems to work. Reduced number of illegal adverts have been seen. But this cost money to the local authority..quite a staggering amount to cover all neighborhoods within their jurisdictions.

What is intriguing to me is the fact that all of these illegal ads have contact details in plain view. Why can’t the enforcement officers do some research..get the illegal advertisers details and issue summons or better still take legal action against them. What prevent them from doing so?

Now i am beginning to see more daring attempts by these culprits to post some items as controversial as sex toys. Our children could also see all these things. Wonder what’s going on in their minds..

All stakeholders should look into this matter with utmost importance. A more comprehensive and cohesive approach to addressing these issues must be planned out and executed without fear of prejudice. After all no one is above the law right?


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