Why is Najib not in Jail?

The M’sian govt recieved part of the documents from DOJ & FBI. The receipts & bank transaction records are “genuine” which cannot be changed/duplicated or faked by the database of the bank transactions.

From these records it is confirmed that the RM2.6 billion was credited to Najib’s personal account by Tanore Finance Corporation, which is owned by Jho Low.

The questions playing in the citizens’ mind are: If there are strong (legal) evidences, why is Najib still not taken to court on 1MDB?

For everyone’s information, the process to indict Najib is not easy like catching a motorcycle thief.

There is enough clear legal evidence, but because the former AG, Appandi has stated that Najib did not do any wrong (regarding IMDB) this procedure must first be made Null & Void legally before Najib can be charged.

To cancel the former AG’s verdict/statement is not easy because it is dealing with the constitution – Article 145(3) i.e. all statements /verdicts made by the Attorney General cannot be reopened or discussed in any forum or any form.
This means, Najib cannot be indicted on the grounds of Article145(3).

Tommy Thomas was selected as AG, not because we are racist or because we look down on other races but because TT is a very capable, efficient & skilful law officer. He is very well versed and will be able to carry out the cancellation procedure of the former AG, Appandi’s verdicts on Najib. Also, TT is the best out of the top 500 lawyers in the world.

Even though this case is very technical and complicated which even ordinary lawyers cannot see / figure out a way to go about it, TT is now at the last stage of completing the procedure (for the Govt to be successful in reopening the 1MDB case) and undoing/ challenging Appandi’s verdicts.

The citizens are very worked up and impatient to see Najib indicted. Please be patient. It is not because the PH govt is purposely delaying the case; but we have to carry out the procedure of dropping Appandi’s verdict first.

Questions: When? How?
Answer: It has to be according to the Rule of Law. Only a few more weeks before Najib will be taken to task.

If TT is not successful and failed to drop/ cancell Appandi’s verdicts (on 1MDB), this case cannot EVER be taken to court again. Because this case is going against the principle of the constitution of justice where the integrity of the AG is challenged.

Outcome: If convicted, Najib cannot be released and the time served in jail will be 10 – 20 years or more.

You can share or copy this message to clarify the actual situation should anyone ask.

Until now, I kept this info to myself but citizens keep inquiring without knowing the legal processes so I’m obliged to explain.

Thank you
Dr. Halim J

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